Breathing Deeply

One of the most transformational experiences of my actor training at The Drama Studio, London was working with the Alexander Technique. A simple and powerful practice designed to help us reconnect with our “natural” alignment, it has been an intrinsic part of my life ever since. Typically we walk through life in a patterned state, often rigid and held when we really could be much more open, fluid and aware of ourselves and the world around us. My inclination is to strive, to achieve, to triumphantly cross items off my To Do list. So I charge through life thinking I am being ever so efficient and all the while efficiently gathering stress and tension within my body. What a revelation when I give myself the ten minutes a day to engage in “constructed rest” and the simple Alexander directions that magically lift my spirits. The results: ease of movement and a purging of repeated habits. In other words: bliss. Try it sometime with Elizabeth Huebner.

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